Wednesday, October 28, 2009

In the Studio

Hello gang
Just got back from doing a little recording with my friend Rob in Jackson, all went well and another session is in the works for the Thanksgiving holidays.
Jimmy's studio is a great little pad downtown Jackson and it was a pleasure helping out with these guys., Thanks gents for the invitation to play on the recording.
5 songs down and 7 more to go at thanksgiving along with a little Turkey at our house with all of Kellee's Family. I knew we should have shot that wild Turkey we had in our garden over the summer.That thing would have fed all of Michigan.
I have posted a pic just for all you Oiler and Flames fans to see what a real logo looks like on a T shirt. It makes me play better too ha ha!!

Hope you are all doing well

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

North of the Border

Hello gang

Yes I am back on the Cannuck side of the border, at least for another week or so before heading back home to Michigan to spend 10 days with Kellee, Shelbs and the Pet gang ha ha!!!
I will be doing a little recording at a studio in Jackson with a friend who is recording a 5 track E.P. He has asked me to play on the recording so I am taking the opportunity to do so. I have met quite a few talented musicians from the area and it is really exciting for me and the road ahead.

Mike at Duffys pub has invited me to come play for 3 nights whilst I am down in the Mitt and I am sure it will be as lively as ever in the crazy Irish Establishment.

Go Wings!!!! They need a little something after the first two games against the Blues. Babcock is on it dont you all worry!!! No comments please ha ha!!

All the best