Monday, September 13, 2010

My New Website

Hi Everyone
just to keep you all upto date, Kellee and I have both been busy this past few weeks building my new website.
Please log on and go to the contact page and join my mailing list and I will be in touch with all you lovely people very soon.

Hope you are all doing great out there in the Wonderful World Of Websville Lol..

This will be my last post on this Blog

all for now

Friday, August 13, 2010

Goose Lake Festival 40 Yrs Later

Hi Everyone

Well its been 40 yrs that the infamous Goose Lake Festival first happened and I want to say a big thank you to the promoters and hosts Linda and Gus Miller for the invitation to play last Saturday afternoon. It was a beautiful day with an abundance of fine musicians.It was nice to finally get to meet Bob Shultz who is one of Michigan's finest and started many moons ago with the Bob Seger band here in Ann Arbor. Nice Set Bob!!!!! Here are a few pictures of the T shirts printed for the festival 40 yrs ago and one for last Saturday. In 1970 they had 3 days of peace love and goosing around in a lake that's 6ft deep at its deepest point Lol.(Quite the line up on the show) Last Sat was a one day event and very well put together, I wish Alvin Lee would have shown up again and said hi Lol

Thanks once again to the Millers and you folks keep posted....


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Back to Alberta

Hi guys
Just a little thank you to Terry at the Vat and also Mark, Tony, Val and everyone at Lacombe Days for the invitation to come play this past weekend. It was nice to see such a great crowd at the Vat and give Kellee a chance to meet a lot of good friends.
Thanks Reg for the lend of your amp and the famous Bitch guitar Lol Yep thats what he like's to call it.Love ya buddy! It was also nice to see my two sons Sean and Conor out at the club watching the old man play for the first time. Both of age now to enjoy a slurp!!!!
Here are a few pics from the Vat.....

Talk soon

Monday, May 24, 2010

A night at the Lone Oak

Hi Everyone

just a little note to let you know I made it home to Michigan safe and sound and it feels so great knowing I don't have to leave because of Uncle Sam anymore Lol.
Well the ZZ Top opener did not pan out as Wide Mouth Mason got the gig throughout Western Canada. They are a great trio and I am sure Mr Gibbons and the boys will be impressed with the vocal and guitar abilities of this unit.
I just enjoyed playing a great gig at the Lone Oak Winery last Saturday and it was a pleasure to play for such a nice audience who were there to listen and enjoy the fine food and wine served by the owners Kipp and Dennise...... Thanks again guys we had a lot of fun and keep up the great work. See you again on June 19th.
Also a quick hello to friends Gary, Lynda and daughter Laura from Wales who did say hello on one of my comments back in February.Hope you are all doing well.

Talk soon

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

ZZ Top Opener

Hello everyone

just a quick update here and just to let you know that although I missed the boat to open for ZZ Top in Edmonton last November 28th when I was at home in Michigan for thanksgiving,,,,,we may have the chance once again here in Canada when they come through in June.
The date in Edmonton is June 11th so keep posted and fingers crossed we will be sharing the boards with the Little Band from Texas. Furry Critters they are Lol
From there, Kellee and I will be in Vancouver the next day for a private party on Gabriola Island.This is just a single acoustic gig for some good friends and will not include the band. Sorry Boys!!!!!

Keep posted and we shall see what materialises over the next week.

All for now

Monday, February 1, 2010

The Blues Sizzler for RDC

A big thank you to Pam Clarke and all the gang from Red Deer College for the invitation to play the annual Blues Sizzler once again.
We had a lot of fun playing for you guys.
The prime rib was really good too ha ha!! Dan had Hot Dogs instead........

Kellee and I are off to Mexico soon for our wedding ceremony on the beach so keep posted for a few guitar picking shots from the Tropics!!!!!

Life's a beach ya know and we cant wait..

Signing off