Sunday, February 8, 2009

Jammin in Jackson

Hey Everyone
Here are a few recent pics from a night out we had down at Duffy's Pub in Jackson MI.
Thanks to Mike and Ernie for the invitation to sit in and play at the Irish abode on Waterloo.
Just getting my face in the picture down at my new stomping ground meeting new players and doing a little pickin. Kellee and her Mom were my groupies for the night, I like to call them the Keno sisters ha ha!! Its actually a fun game to play at the bar. I never seem to win any mullah but Kells always comes out with something at the end of the night.I think Sheila ran off with my winning ticket but dont tell her I said anything.
Looks like I will be back in there doing a little playing March 7th when Kellee and I get back from our Mexicano Vacation. We cant wait for the Suuuuunnnnnnnnn!! to warm us up.
Be good and stay tuned...