Sunday, March 22, 2009

Springtime at the Vat

Yes folks
this weekend brought us back to Red Deer"s favourite place for live sounds.
I can tell you it was nice heading into town on clear roads but springtime brought us another dump of snow that was not to welcoming when we opened the exit doors of the club at 2am. Oh well, spring is here and it's gonna melt fast.
Friday was a busy night and Saturday was a lot quieter at the club; I think gods dandruff coming down probably kept people at home.We had a lot of fun playing as always and thanks to everyone for venturing down to support the band.
It was weird to see my son Sean who just turned 18 sitting there drinking pitchers of beer with his buddie's. I must be getting a little older or something.
Thanks once again to Monsieur Cave for the opportunity to play at his fine establishment.Love the Keith Richards painting on the wall. Hope I never look like that ha ha!!!

Well its off to Detroit next Sunday to be with my sweetheart for the week and do a little work on our house. My female foreman has a list ha ha!!! It will be another night at Duffy's on Sat the 4th so keep posted for new pics and My Keno win.
Yes I feel lucky this week and I think there is going to be a few American Eagles flying into my pocket. I know there will be a few Captains going down my Gregory Peck that's for sure. ha ha! that's means Neck!!!!
Take care all

Sunday, March 15, 2009

James Hunter Shows

James and myself after the Edmonton show.

Hello folks
Well the lads and I had a lot of fun opening up for James Hunter last Thursday and Friday at Hexters Pub in Calgary and then the Polish Hall in Edmonton.
They were fine players and a joy to work with.It was funny for me to hear the old London accent again. Thanks also to Arron for a great job on sound out front and Paul and Darryl on monitors and lights. Special thanks to Kent Cadman and Keystone productions for the gig and great hospitality. "Fank ya mate" as they say up in the old smoke (That's London Talk)

See ya later
Next week we are back again at the Vatagain.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Hi everyone

Well we made it back from Mexico safe and sound and had fun playing at Gary's restaurant in Puerto Aventuras, Duke the dog included on stage. It was tough coming back to Canada at -30 after being in the sun at +30.

It was a pretty nice temperature in Detroit when Kellee and I flew in Friday night; a freak Friday for all the Michiganites for this time of the year .We ventured down to Duffy's in Jackson again Saturday night where I played to a great little crowd.The new Keno sisters Kellee, Alison and Beth included. Alison and Beth didnt get to Mexico. I am sure you can pick them out. Thanks to Ernie and Mike once again for the use of his P.A and Mics etc.. Ernie is a great guy and a lot of fun to jam with. Thanks Buddy.

There are a few snaps from a real nice gig in Edmonton we did Feb 13th at the Shaw Conference Center. Big thanks to the Consulting Engineers of Alberta and the stage and sound crew for a great stage to play on. The production was fabulous.Thanks guys!!!

Keep posted for some pics from the James Hunter shows coming up this weekend in Calgary and Edmonton, Should be fun playing with another Limey from across the Pond.

Adios from the Welshman now chillin in the Canadian Fridge.